Instructional Design Projects


Outline of the state of Florida overlaid on a Grayton Beach sunset.
image of people
Robert Gagne 9 Events of Instruction
Pelican with open bill
Kayak paddling Trail Project-2010

From proposal to finished course, this project was a labor of love. It was conceived of during a Florida Master Naturalist course and created in collaboration with the Florida Paddle Trails Association. The development process included conducting a learner analysis, creating a design document, and developing storyboards.

Case 17-2010

My team for this project consisted of two remote colleagues and myself, The project was based on a case study, and the team researched possible solutions for the case study and developed the presentation based on our research.


Robert Gagne--9 Events of Instruction

This presentation was developed with my colleague, Sara Howland. We re-purposed an existing lesson that Ms. Howland had created to demonstrate Gagne's 9 events of Instruction.

The Pelican Brief-2008

The Pelican Brief was yet another labor of love. It was conceived of and developed from scratch with my colleague, Sara Howland.

I have always loved pelicans.


I was responsible for all aspects of transitioning projects from story board to computer based training. The projects were developed during the process of obtaining my M. Ed. in Instructional Technology at the University of West Florida and have the following elements in common:

  • Developed in Adobe Flash--Interactive elements coded using Actionscript III
  • Audio elements recorded and edited in Premiere Pro and Audition
  • Graphical elements created in Photoshop, Flash, or Illustrator
  • Film clips filmed with Sony video cameras and edited in Premiere Pro
I currently work for General Dynamics as an Instructional Developer. All projects developed for General Dynamics are considered proprietary.